3 Ways to Turn Your Marketing Campaign Into Educational Content

Every marketer is looking to maximize their investment into that next big campaign. But we’re now in a world where ROI is under more scrutiny than ever, there is a seemingly endless variety of distribution tactics, and every concept needs to find three more legs to be viable. Translating content and ideas into an education marketing initiative can be a great way to gain that additional visibility while reaching hyper-targeted audiences.

Here are a few methods to help you transform new or existing marketing campaigns into educational content.

  1. Make sure it provides value to educators
    Like any other tactic, your strategy and creative must be tailored to your audience. Modify your content to add value to teachers’ curriculums. Yes, it can (and should) support an objective of your brand and further your goals. But it should not be completely self-serving.

  2. When translating your campaign into educational marketing tactics designed for scale, make sure it checks a few key boxes:
    •  It truly teaches students about a topic that aligns with your brand’s core offerings or values.
    •  It prioritizes knowledge and educational worth above branding.
    •  It complements common curriculum topics to make it an easy fit without adding a ton of time to lesson planning.
    •  It’s flexible enough to be used when and how works best for individual teachers/classrooms.

  3. Offer real support and quality materials
    Don’t treat branded educational content as a one-and-done tactic. Providing support beyond the activity or materials is a huge help to educators. This additional direction and context will not only provide a quality experience for educators and students—it will also make it much more likely that your materials get used in the first place.

    From FAQs to quizzes, back up your campaign with quality, helpful resources to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts, both in brand awareness and retention. All while likely improving your reach and increasing impressions. Finally, it will improve the likelihood that educators use your future campaigns, knowing they can expect a quality experience.

  4. Be respectful of the people you’re working with
    No one will deny that educators have a very difficult job and deal with numerous challenges on a daily basis. Respect that fact when encouraging them to be champions for your brands. Do not treat them as a means to an end or a traditional media channel. Instead, view this network of teachers as an important series of relationships.

    Building a strong reputation among this audience is doubly important as they are both acting as a channel and ambassadors for your brand. They will be your literal voice in the classroom when using your educational materials.

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