Marketing Cheat Sheet: Gen Alpha

Gen Alpha General Audience Overview

  • Gen Alpha currently includes all children born in or after 2010. (McCrindle)
  • 2.8 million Gen Alphas are born around the globe each week. (McCrindle)
  • Most are under 12 years of age, but the oldest of them will become teens in 2022. (McCrindle)
  • They will number more than two billion by 2025, making them the largest generation in history. (McCrindle)
  • Millennial parents are the gatekeepers to brands their Gen Alpha kids experience. (Poole)
  • Digital spaces are essential, as Gen Alpha is the first generation who will never know a world without smartphones, tablets and streaming services. (Poole)
  • Their early lives have been dominated by home-bound entertainment due to COVID. (Poole)
  • 61% already own a tablet, and 49% have a smartphone. (The Drum)

Food and Beverage Trends 

  • Gen Alpha is being taught to prioritize health and wellness and parents are spending big money to committed ensure their children eat right and exercise. (Forbes)
  • Growth and development and children’s immune system are top food and beverage considerations. (International Food Information Council
  • Children living in urban/suburban areas are more likely to consume single vitamin/mineral supplements, nutrition supplement drinks and other dietary supplements vs. those living in rural/small town areas. (International Food Information Council
  • 96% of parents in the U.S. feel it is important their children know how to cook or bake but only 33% cook with their children weekly. (Forbes)

Toys, Games, and Entertainment Trends 

  • Not only is Gen Alpha more likely to grow up overindulged, but they are also the most materially endowed and technologically literate generation to date. (Forbes)
  • Generation Alpha uses video games from a young age and it impacts their mindset in terms of being active participants to solutions. (Forbes)
  • A survey found that 70% of parents say they have made purchases influenced by their kids’ favorite show or character. (Forbes)

Health, Hygiene, and Wellness Trends 

  • 44% of parents report that their children are helping clean more than before the pandemic. (SC Johnson)
  • Millennial parents seek out a lot of information about the products they buy and expose their kids to. (Poole)
  • Gen Alpha will develop very similar preferences as their millennial gatekeepers because it’s all they know. (Poole)
  • Millennial moms make 85% of purchasing decisions for their families. (Slingshot)

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