How To Boost Your Holiday Marketing Reach

During a time of traditions, adding non-traditional tactics to your holiday mix is an effective way to boost your engagement and drive sales. 

Teachers Need Support, Brands Can Help

What's the world of education really like? Teachers share their perspectives. 
Hear directly from the teachers, administrators, and child care professionals in our network.

Get to know Gen Alpha 

The next powerhouse generation is here.

2.8 million Gen Alphas are born each week around the globe. Better get to know your most important audience yet.


Teachers Seek Real-World Support from Brands

ITK surveyed our network of education professionals and grassroots influencers to better understand the state of education, and how brands can support teachers. While respondents were diverse, a few important trends stuck out. 

Building Trust With Millennial Parents

There are roughly 72.1 million Millennials in the US. And in the next 10 to 15 years, 80% of them will be parents.
Pair that sheer volume of people with their estimated $1.4 trillion in disposable income, and this audience quickly stands out as a high priority. Is your brand well positioned to connect with this cohort? 

3 Ways To Increase Peer-To-Peer Referrals 

How can you easily build brand advocates?

On average, word-of-mouth drives $6 trillion in annual global spending. In a world of endless media options and tactics, the opinions of our friends and family reign supreme.


Capture Gen Z's Attention With Cause Marketing

 One thing is clear, Gen Z is one of the history's most politically active cohorts. Below, we take a look at some of the causes this audience is most passionate about and how brands are connecting through these passion points. 

Helpful Gen Z Marketing Stats and Info

Generation Z is a crucial audience for marketers in every category.
The group is poised to wield the most purchasing power in history. And many of the cohort’s members are already in the workforce and spending their hard-earned dollars. But what do Gen Z’s demographics look like? What do they care about? How do they purchase goods and services? More importantly, why do they purchase them? 

Community leaders as IRL influencers?

Why community leaders should be your next brand advocates

We all have trusted local sources we lean on for information, resources, activities, and other essentials. These individuals and organizations have proven themselves to be reliable. They have a solid reputation. We see eye-to-eye with them on important topics and consider them a thought leader.

A Smarter Way to Sample

 Product sampling has been a tried-and-true marketing tactic for decades. Since the dawn of consumer packaged goods, sampling has been used to increase product trial, build brand awareness, and gain word-of-mouth referrals.

How to Get Started with Cause Marketing

Nearly all successful brands are built upon core values that guide the products and experiences they provide. These values should also heavily influence the marketing tactics and campaigns used by those brands. In fact, it’s becoming an expectation. 69% of Gen Z is more likely to buy from a brand that contributes to a cause.

3 Ways to Turn Your Marketing Campaign Into Educational Content

Every marketer is looking to maximize their investment into that next big campaign. But we’re now in a world where ROI is under more scrutiny than ever, there is a seemingly endless variety of distribution tactics, and every concept needs to find three more legs to be viable.



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